Dental Fillings in Brandon, FL

Getting a cavity when you’re a kid or an adult can be an annoying situation to deal with. No one wants to have their teeth cleaned, and getting a filling isn’t the most fun either. But before you go searching for fillings in Brandon, FL, remember that Lithia Pinecrest Smiles has all your dentist needs covered. We are the kind, and caring dentists near you that can take care of all your oral health and dental care needs all in one place. We understand the hassle of going to the dentist for a filling, but we also know the importance of getting a filling to protect and preserve a damaged tooth.

How Does a Filling Work?

When you have a cavity, you have a hole in your tooth. If you leave the cavity alone, the hole will grow larger, and eventually, your tooth will rot and fall out or apart. To prevent this, your dentist will clean out the decayed part of your tooth around the cavity and then fill the hole left behind with a particular material. Sometimes this can be metal like silver; other times, it is resin or another material that is easy to mold and shape.

The filling not only restores the integrity of your tooth but also makes it so that it won’t suffer any more damage in the same spot, though it is possible to get multiple cavities in the same tooth, just in different spots.

Why Do We Need Fillings?

Fillings do a great deal more than you think. While you may think a filling is just a thing you get once you have a cavity, they have a very specific purpose, one that can save your tooth and your overall oral health.

As we mentioned, our dentists near you at Lithia Pinecrest Smiles provide fillings so that your tooth doesn’t decay from the inside; the filling keeps bacteria and other harmful substances out. Getting a filling will likely make the difference between being able to keep your tooth and having it fall out or be removed.

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