Oral Cancer Screenings

We all know how devastating cancer can be. However, what you may not know is that oral cancer is something that you should be getting screened for. Don’t worry if you need to search for oral cancer screenings near me or oral cancer screenings in Brandon, FL. You won’t have to go to some specialist to get tested; you can get a test here at Lithia Pinecrest Smiles. We are the dentist near you that handle all types of dental care, including the specialized screening for oral cancer. While it is rare, everyone should get screened at least once a year to prevent cancer from developing unchecked. The faster the cancer is caught, the easier it is to deal with before it damages your mouth.

How Does an Oral Cancer Screening Work?

When you come to Lithia Pinecrest Smiles to get your screening, your dentist will do the test. The test works similarly to a dental exam, except that what the dentist checks for will change.

The dentist checks the oral cavity for signs of cancer. This means they check all of the mouth’s soft tissues for discoloration, lesions, spots, and other signs of abnormality. This is typically done by hand with the assistance of light. The dentist may employ a special dye or imaging equipment that will allow splotches of discolored skin and lesions to show up more easily.

If the dentist sees a concerning spot, they will examine it more closely and take a biopsy, a small piece of the skin to send off for testing. Once this is done, the exam is complete. If nothing is found, there is no need for a flow-up or further visits; however, if a biopsy is taken, the dentist will schedule a follow-up with you once the biopsy results come back.

If treatment is needed, the dentist will work with you and refer you to a specialist in oral cancer to get the treatment you need to remove cancer.

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